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If you are looking to start training as a driving instructor, please see the ADI Training on the menu bar.

or those of you who want to develop, look no further!


We can help you with any of the following, and help you choose where to start:


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Driving Instructor

No. Usually you take the test close to your home Liverpool, or in the area where your lessons have been commenced in this case Garston / Norris Green.  

How much does a test cost?

Theory tests are currently charged at £31.00 in Liverpool, daytime practical tests £62. Take your practical test in the evening or at a weekend and it will cost you £75



How long does the driving test last?

Usually about 35/45 minutes.


What car will I have to drive on my test?

Usually, In the Driving School car you learned in. If not, another vehicle can be arranged.


After I have passed my test, do I have to wait for my licence to come through before I can drive?

No, you can drive yourself out of the Liverpool test centre, if your car is insured properly. The pass certificate is your qualification. Keep a note of your driver number (that's the number on your provisional licence which begins with the first five letters of your surname) and the number on your pass certificate when you send your pass certificate away to get a full licence. They may be needed for documentation purposes and make a record incase your application gets lost.


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- IAM test or assessment

- RoSPA test or re-test

- DIAmond Advanced Test

- DIAmond Special Test

- Cardington Spacial Test

- Diploma in Driving Instruction (Dip DI)

- ADI parts 1, 2 or 3 (we have a very attractive "rescue" package!)

- Check test help - Do not leave it to chance!

- HPT training - Do not leave this too late!

- Classroom presentations

- Fleet Training

- Trainer Training


At Easy Driver Training you will be training on a 1-1 basis by enthusiastic and patient trainers.


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